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The Biombo is Sara Sanz’s Personal Art Blog, where she writes about artworks, art events, art galleries, art museums and featured art news, apart from making deep thinking about art. Her mission is to get to know artistic talent, to contribute to the recognition of talented people and to strengthen sinergies that generate opportunities of personal and professional development. The idea came up from her curiosity about creativity, her passion for making visible the invisible creations and her wish and interest in contributing to demolish the obstacles or “biombos” that stand in the way of equality of opportunity within society. Let’s Consult the Personal Art Collection of Sara Sanz! FOLLOW THE BIOMBO ART BLOG!

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Sara Sanz introduces the artist Héctor Lara to art galleries interested in the exhibition and sale of his artworks and/or in the organization of artistic activities with him. In Lara words: “Geometrism is a technique that defines me completely and allows me to be myself”. It is a personal and unique technique in which he uses the 3D Printing Pen, counting on the support of the multinational LixPen and the technological Taiwan entreprise Cubiio, to recreate human body from an artistic view. His style is also determined by his black and white portraits and by his sculptures, in which gold is usually present, reflecting consumerism and market power above all the controllable elements.

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Fulfill the following form and I will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to organize an exhibition with Héctor Lara’s artworks or you wish to get information about them, feel free to send me an e-mail for further information.

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