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Susana Miller is an exceptional person. Enthusiastic, cheerful, jovial and vivacious, she is completely committed to fashion, her passion, because for her, fashion is something more than a job, it is a lifestyle. “El Vestidor de Susa” is a small charming boutique located at the heart of Valladolid (Spain), with a special charm, meticulous and detail oriented and with strongly feminine and timeless collections and a friendly and personalized regard. As Coco Chanel, Susana Miller has possessed a personal style since she was little and now she is trying to regain her passion for fashion design, designs that we can already find at her boutique. What will she bring to us in 2017, the year of her fashion boutique’s sixth anniversary? We are expectant!


Susana Miller at “La Sastrería” in Valladolid, Spain. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

  1. How did the idea of creating your own boutique emerged and in what moment?

The idea of opening my own boutique emerged in 2011. I used to have a hair salon, then I started doing fascinators, hampers and customized shoes about 8 years ago. Then I designed my own little dress collection, it only had 5 outfits. I had it in concrete boutiques and sometimes I used to sell it in street markets on the coast. And what started as a hobby turned out to be my life and my job. I quit the hair salon and I opened the boutique. I always wanted a small place with personality, to have certain public.


Susana Miller. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

2. Why did you choose Valladolid and not another city?

I chose Valladolid because that is where I live, I have my people here, although it is true that it is hard sometimes (laughters).


Susana Miller at Santa Cruz’s Palace in Valladolid, Spain. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

3. Where do you think your passion for fashion comes from?

My passion for fashion started when I was little. I always liked to dress differently from the rest of people. As a fact, I will tell the story of when I was going to take my first communion. My grandmother and I decided to pick a up a dress that it was kept at the attic. It belonged to my favorite aunt, my mom brought it to the dry cleaner and it looked perfect afterwards. It was my first vintage dress!


Susana Miller. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

4. What do you need to run a business like this besides vocation?

Besides vocation, you need a very particular style and you need to know and believe in yourself, you need to have a specific target audience to sell. On the other hand, you need to feel passionate about it, because it is not only a job, it is a lifestyle. At least, I see it that way. You need to be eager to learn and work. You must be patient and constant.

 “Feel passionate about what you do and believe in yourself”.


Susana Miller. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

“You need to be eager to learn and work. You must be patient and constant”.

5. What challenges did you come across when running your business and what supports did you find?

As challenges I would say tight budgets, as usual (laughters). But it is how it works, you must start from the bottom.


Susana Miller

6. What can we find at “El Vestidor De Susa”?

What you can find at “El Vestidor De Susa” is a very feminine clothing style with some certain classic patterns. I always look for clothes and colors that are not super trendy, that terrifies me, because trends constantly change. Every week I have new clothing, I never repeat and the clothing is timeless. Despite of having unique outfits, prices are rather affordable for everyone.


Susana Miller. Photography: Susana Miller

7. How would you describe the style of your clothing collections?

They are collections with a lot of personality and very feminineAt the beginning, I used to have my own clothes from young designers, it was complicated because people don’t appreciate that although it is now changing in that way. Moreover, it is difficult because prices are higher, although quality is worth it. I mostly have French and British firms. I work with Portuguese firms as well and they are fabulous.


Susana Miller next to the Tour Eiffel at Paris, France

8. What would you stand out at “El Vestidor De Susa”?

What I would stand out at my boutique is the attention. I really care about my clients listening to them carefully to understand their needs or wants. Overall, I want to make them feel comfortable with their shopping, as for the little details.


“El Vestidor de Susa”. Fashion Boutique in Valladolid, Spain

9. Have you thought about expanding your firm to other cities?

No, I have never thought about expanding my firm or having an online website. I don’t like online shopping, I see it cold. I like to talk with clients, to have a warmer approach. I like to know what they want and what they are looking for. In fact, I sell through my Facebook Page El Vestidor de Susa  to people from other places, but we always exchange calls and messages.

10. Have you ever organized any event to promote your boutique?

Yes, sometimes I organize a fundraising street market or a fashion show.

11. Although you alsho have a Facebook Page, I declare myself completely in love with your Instagram account @elvestidordesusa. How it came to your mind the idea of creating an account with so much love, good taste and creativity?

I enjoy my job a lot. It is my life and I really care about it. It is part of myself.

“Fashion is part of myself”

I think it is important, and although sometimes you lose a little bit of privacy, the fact of publishing words and photographs very often, it is part of the job and I like to share it.


Suana Miller at La Sastrería in Valladolid, Spain. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

12. What projects would you like to develop in the future?

The project that I have in mind is to have my own designs. A clothing collection in my boutique and possibly in another one, but that is for the long row to hoe.


Susana Miller at “La Sastrería” in Valladolid, Spain. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

13. Would you like to send any message?

My message is:

“You are the character of your life.

Every day is an adventure.

Always show the best version of yourself”.


Susana Miller. Photography: Chiqui Zulueta

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet you. We wish you the best success with your professional and personal projects. I am looking forward to trying on your own designs, which I am sure they will be a great success. Personally, I cannot be more excited to publish this interview about one of my favorites boutiques in Valladolid,“El Vestidor De Susa”, about one of my favorites instagramers: Susana Miller.


Interview translated by Lucía Soto. New York, United States of America.

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