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Interview to Luz de la Calle about the image of The Biombo Art Blog for 2020

“The Biombo’s essence is her, Sara Sanz. Her elegance, beauty, effort and passion for art. All this is reflected in her special vision, from which she could see those who are still invisible.” Luz de la Calle Luz de la Calle is an artist who’s given me good vibes from the moment I met her. …

Luz de la Calle dazzles us with her art at The Biombo

ART Luz de la Calle (@luzdelacalleart) is an artist living in Valladolid who stands out mainly thanks to her aerography technique. She especially likes working on meticulous portraits of people and animals, to which she always gives her personal touch. This way, she gives people who look at her art some food for thought, as well as making them …